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Richard Parker

13 October

Every minute with a broken fridge at home can mean a desperate situation. Trust Cool Saviour’s certified fridge repair technicians to repair your broken fridge fast and for good.

Our fridge repair technicians are 100% trained and licensed by government authorised licensing and accreditation agencies, such as the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Institute of Technical Education (ITE), a global leader for technical education in Singapore.

For you, this means peace of mind that the right, competent and expert personnel is deployed to do the most complex fridge repair jobs. We have heard many people complain about other fridge repair service providers who did more damage than repair. Trust our licensed fridge repair technicians to bring solutions, not more problems!

On top of this, all our fridge repair works are backed with 120 days fridge repair warranty. In the unlikely event of your fridge malfunctioning within this period, as long as the cause is not of your own doing, then our fridge repair technicians will visit you again with a thorough inspection of the problem and with the right and lasting solution, absolutely free of charge.

Our certified fridge repair technicians are trained to carry out fridge repair from diagnosis to resolution. Moreover, our fridge repair technicians will also advise you on the proper care for your fridge to make it work optimally for a longer time. Trust us when we say that there are many things people do that unknowingly damage their fridge. Our certified fridge repair technicians will educate you so you avoid these common habits that damage your fridge.

Friendly and professional, our fridge repair technicians are just one phone call away. When your fridge breaks, waste not a moment. Give Cool Saviour fridge repair experts a call and get your fridge repair done fast and for good! Experience the difference of our courteous, professional, and competent fridge repair technicians today!