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One of the most common concerns with refrigerator repairs companies is technical competency. A refrigerator being a need, you would want to employ a refrigerator repair technician that will fix it fast.

Cool Saviour Engineering refrigerator repair starts with assessing your fridge for common problems like overheating, accumulated water puddles underneath and unintentional frost in the non-freezer area. Because the refrigerator is the most-used appliance in your home, its condition will naturally deteriorate over time. As refrigerator repair technicians, we believe that proactive maintenance by certified fridge repair experts is important.

To ensure that you are getting the best deal possible, Cool Saviour Engineering provides Quality Assurance for our refrigerator repair service. When you call us, a licensed fridge repair technician will arrive at your home to diagnose your fridge. We can repair on the spot with a warranty of 30-120 days. In the unlikely event that our fridge refrigerator does not resolve the problem, call us within the warranty period and we shall conduct further refrigerator repair absolutely free.

Our certified fridge repair technicians have fridge repair experience of 10 years. We also have fridge repair equipment to handle:

Frost build-up
Accidental leakage
Accidental freezing
Excessive cooling
Frost build-up
unexplained noises
Interior fridge
Resealing of fridge
Topping up of
General maintenance
There are problems that may be unique to your fridge. Rest assured that Cool Saviour Engineering’s fridge repair experts will give you fridge repair that works! For our fridge repair service, we do not have hidden charges or other costs. We will take time to explain to you our diagnostics and what needs to be done so that your fridge will be up and running again. Our friendly fridge repair experts can also provide fridge care tips. When it comes to fridge repair, remember to give us a call – we serve all areas and locations in Singapore.