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Refrigerator Repair Services by Cool Saviour

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We Save Your Cool

Just how important is a working fridge in your home? With Singapore’s hot and humid
weather, you can’t live with a broken fridge. Cool Saviour Engineering does fridge repair at your home fast.
We are fridge repair experts that carry out fridge repair services on the spot. Our fridge repair services cater to all fridge models. We offer reliable fridge repair service that makes sure your fridge is performing at its best
capacity. After all, a glass of cold water on a hot day is like your oasis in the dessert. Let us save your cool.

Fridge repair is indispensable and can save you money. Being exposed to the high temperature and humidity every day, Cool Saviour fridge repair helps Singaporeans keep food and beverages cool and fresh every day. Our fridge repair not only troubleshoots but also maintains the quality of your fridge.

Our Fridge Repair Mission

Fridge Repair by Cool Saviour Engineering focuses on the main goal to keep your fridge running optimally for years. We believe that a good fridge should:

  • Keep your food fresh and ensure your family’s health
  • Keep your drinks cool and always be on hand for refreshment
  • Provide a good and hygienic storage space for all your raw ingredients like meat and vegetables

Competent, Caring, Certified Fridge Repair Crew

Our fridge repair service technicians employ the latest method in different domestic and commercial factory brands(LG, Sharp, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire, among others). This enables us to provide expert fridge repair, starting off with a quick and thorough
assessment. Our fridge repair technicians help you make an informed decision. Cool Saviour fridge repair work comes with warranty on labour parts at competitive prices for 30-120 days. Our fridge repair licensed technicians are also 100% certified by BCA (Building Construction Authority) and
ITE (Institute of Technical Education).